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Total Joinery Solutions are specialists in the renovation of sash windows and external joinery. We use various Perimeter Sealing Systems, specific for each type of window application. This enables you to renovate, rather than replace your traditional timber windows, so the charm and original character of your windows are retained for many more years.

This is particularly important in conservation areas and on listed buildings where replacements would need to be approved by your local authority before installation.

A condition survey will be carried out by one of our carpenters, who will be able to quickly determine the work necessary. We then provide a written quotation, detailing the work for your consideration.



The benefits of the draught-proofing system can help reduce dust infiltration and noise with no more rattling sashes. The serviced sashes will slide with ease and lock securely. There is minimal disruption as the work does not involve touching the surrounding walls so there is no making good or decorating needed which is required when installing new windows.

Our draught-proof and service is around 75% cheaper than new window replacements.



Our standard service includes


Covering the surrounding area with dust sheets
Remove staff beads, parting beads, sash cords, sash weights, top and bottom sash.
Planing both sashes to improve fit as required and paint exposed wood with a quality primer
Machine routing each sash and inserting a draught proofing pile or compression seal
Replacing parting bead with a low drag UPVC extrusion
Replacing all sash cords and fit to each sash
Lubricating pulley wheels and adjusting weights to balance sashes
Replacing staff beads with brush pile inserted
Realigning window furniture as required and checking performance

The following additional services can also be provided :


Painting service
Supply and fit of replacement sill, sash or box frame
Resin repairs using window care system
Reglaze sash (single or double glazed)
Supply and fit replacement window furniture: sash lifts, sash pulls and sash fasteners
Supply and fit high security window restrictors

Painting Service

Most window repairers don't like to offer this service for many reasons. We are able to offer this service as we guarantee that your sash windows will work efficiently once painted. We carry out all the preparation with the sashes out of the frame, and only install the seals once the painting is complete.Through past experience, many painters and decorators are unable to remove the sashes and as result they can't help but paint over the draught-proofing system which will affect its efficiency and performance.


Replacement sills , sashes and box frames.

As a traditional joinery company, we are able to supply new sill sections, individual sashes, sash sections and box frames made to fit any window being renovated so that a complete replacement window is not necessary.


Resin Repairs.

Our tradesmen are all trained to use the windowcare system of pre-paint joinery repairs.

This is particularly useful when an isolated section of a window has been affected by decay, and the rest of the window is in a sound condition. We remove the decayed timber and apply epoxy resin or a combination of timber/resin to the area and sand down to mould into the adjoining surfaces. Full information and methods can be viewed on the windowcare website.


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Glass replacements.

We undertake the replacement of broken or cracked panes using float glass of the required thickness. We can also provide obscured, toughened, laminated or crown (restoration) glass as necessary and will adjust the sash weights accordingly. Sealed double glazed units can often be fitted to existing sashes for additional comfort.


Window Furniture.

We supply and fit a comprehensive range of window fittings in all finishes and will advise on suitability quality and cost.


Window Restrictors.

We can add window restrictors to your sash windows that will improve their security, yet allow the window to be opened up to a pre-determined amount. Restrictors are particularly recommended where there are small children in residence to remove any worries of them falling out.


Double Glazed sashes into Original Frames.

We are able to expertly design and manufacture new double glazed timber sashes or casements and fit them into existing window frames, which means keeping the original appearance but with the added benefit of having double glazing and a draught-proofing system.



Reinstatement consists of the removal of aluminum or plastic windows and the insertion of new timber sliding sashes. Reinstatements are only feasible when your existing window frame remains in its original opening.

This service consists of


Covering the surrounding area with dust sheets
Removing the existing window from box frame
Manufacturing new single or double-glazed sashes
Patching the box frame where required
Fitting new pulleys
Hanging the top sash on waxed cords
Supplying and installing parting bead with a low drag UPVC extrusion
Hanging bottom sash on waxed cords
Replacing staff beads and thread a draught-proofing pile
Supplying and fitting new window furniture
Supplying and fitting lead weights to suit sashes
Checking the performance


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